Professional Services

Field Verification

To collect the relevant data and documents as required for the project, from the Client, discuss thumb-rule budgets with the Client and to understand the budget limitations of the project.

Space planning

To prepare preliminary sketch plans after analysing the Client's requirements, site contexts and related byelaws and to generate interactions with clients. Prepare final sketch designs of the plans for the approval of Client with study model either 3 D digital or actual.

Construction Documents

To consult various service consultants for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and other related issues in case if required and collect conceptual service layout suitable to design.

Project Co-ordination

To prepare working drawings after feedback received from various consultants for execution of the job required by civil contractors. Prepare list of specifications of materials to be used. Verify the final schedule of specifications of material/BOQ prepared by the Project Management Team.

Project management

Co-ordination with engineers, consultants and contractors to ensure project information is shared and delivered as necessary for efficient and successful project completion.

Related Drawing

Preparing other drawing for site execution
All floor plans.
All civil plans like toilets, pantry & flooring details with plumbing.
All electrical plans.
All false ceiling plans.
All furniture details with material & sizes.
Interior finishes like plasters, claddings, paint, roofing materials, lightings, colours, patterns, etc.
All other interior related details if required.


Conceptual colour scheme option selection and specification of all materials Including flooring (carpet, Tiles, Wood Etc) Wall finishes (paint, Wall covering Etc), cabinetry finishes (laminate, Veneer Etc), Hardware Etc.

Furniture Co-ordination

Designing and providing detail drawings of furniture's (built-in & loose) with suitable materials, hardware and finishes as per need of each section. Choosing ready-made furniture suitable for different areas as per total design concept.