Vismaya is a full scale commercial and residential interior design firm located in Pune. It has gained recognition for its ability to infuse creativity in residential projects, commercial schemes, corporate offices and recreational projects while keeping in mind the clients requirements and parameters of the site.
Founder Gopal Jangir, established Vismaya in the year 2001. Exploiting a fusion of contemporary and ancient interior design components against simple clean lines, Gopal Jangir captures twenty first century design in a way that modernizes, influences and encircles the essence of living and working well. The strength of the firm is its integrity, dynamic attainment of projects, commitment to quality and deadlines and warm public relations.
Vismaya's passion and experience is evident in their striking results: smart, polished, graceful and relaxed. We work towards reinterpreting client briefs to subvert existing typologies and evolve new types, integrating seamlessly the interiors and exteriors. Our design strives to be flexible, adaptive, versatile and pliable. Our work always attracts critical and scholarly attention. Our design language is completely in tune with the client's mindset, as the client is the final user. We do not believe in adhering to a particular design language as every site calls for something that's apt for that space.
Our objective is to enhance the value of our client's activities and to contribute to the quality of the world in which we all live. We aim to be partners to our clients. Their success has always meant expansion for us. Our designs have integrity and our clients reap the rewards.